REQUEST FOR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST-Development of Improved Rainfed Agriculture Based On Bunding And Land Development For Rice Production In The Nasia-Nabogo Inland Valley

  1. Objective

The objective of this Request for Expression of Interest is to invite investors who are proven rice farmers and are interested in cultivating rice in the remaining portions of the demarcated and mapped 3,000 ha of land identified by GCAP and deemed to be suitable for improved rain-fed rice cultivation to apply.  GCAP is ready to provide Land Development (involving land clearing, land levelling, field bunds and, and land harvesting of sheet flow) to support prospective investors with bankable business plans, among other criteria.
Information on the remaining identified 3,000 ha of land can be found at the GCAP Tamale Offices at Agricultural Road, Mariam Hotel Junction (opposite CAMFED and same premise with Community Water and Sanitation Agency); Email: ; Telephone Number: 0501341708.

The intent of this matching grant is to fund proven farmers by providing them with Land Development (land clearing, land levelling and contour bunding) in lots of 100 ha that will increase the production of rice using smallholders. The investors will be expected to integrate smallholder farmers into the inputs, output and farm equipment services in a continual basis for at least 5 years.


3.          Eligible activities that will be funded
GCAP funding will be based on the approved business plan and subsequently negotiated items/activities in the budget.
The design and construction supervision of land development will be carried out by Messrs Agriconsulting Europe (AESA), a consulting firm engaged by GCAP to develop identified sites in the Nasia-Nabogo inland valleys, using contractors pre-qualified by GCAP.

4.         Eligibility Criteria
Eligible criteria that will guide the selection of Investors for the Nasia-Nabogo Inland Valley Matching Grant Scheme include the following:

  1. Track record of successful commercial rice farming in Ghana, preferably in the SADA zone.
  2. Evidence of enough financial resources (working capital) to match the grant and to operate the farm as a business.
  3. Evidence of experience to manage the agribusiness operations.
  4. Evidence of a compelling business case that is technically, financially and economically feasible/viable.
  5. Evidence of previous experience working with contract farmers/outgrowers and commitment to work with contract farmers/outgrowers with a significant number coming from the host community.

5.          Other information
Further information on the matching grant scheme can be obtained at the address below during office hours i.e. 0900 to 1700 hours GMT.

You  may DOWNLOAD the full REOI HERE