Project Components

In August 2014, the Government of Ghana and the World Bank, following the third Implementation Support Mission’s (ISM) recommendations, agreed to restructure the Ghana Commercial Agriculture Project (GCAP) by introducing a number of key changes to it. The aim is to get the Project back on track. In this regard, the Project Development Objective (PDO) was revised and three of the original four project components adjusted to achieve the revised PDO. Three new components have also been added.

These new components consist of the rehabilitation and modernization of existing public irrigation and drainage assets; reforming public sector irrigation agencies, namely Ghana Irrigation Development Authority (GIDA) and Irrigation Company of the UPPER West Region (ICOUR) and adopting participatory and private sector irrigation Operation and Maintenance (O&M) approaches in the project areas.

The seven components of the Restructured GCAP are:

Component 1: Strengthening investment promotion infrastructure, facilitating secure access to land.

Component 2: Securing Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) and small-holder linkages in the Accra Plains.

Component 3: Securing PPPs and small-holder linkages in the ADA Zone. This component is the same as the original Component 3 but with a substantially reduced scope.

Component 4: Project management, monitoring and evaluation

Component 5: Investments in physical rehabilitation and modernization of existing irrigation and drainage infrastructure

Component 6: Support to the restructuring of Irrigation and Drainage institutions of the Government of Ghana together with strengthening the technical and managerial capabilities of the restructured institutions.

Component 7: Support for the development of new institutions including Water users’ associations formed under appropriate legislation for the operation and management of the rehabilitated/modernized irrigation and drainage infrastructure including irrigation

Funding for some existing activities have been reduced to cater for the expanded scope.