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Financial and Advisory Support and Agribusiness

A beneficiary of the USAID-FinGAP grant program, CARD Financial NGO, has disbursed $1,104,907 to 12 groups of 141 SMiLEs representing 6,923 farmers in the soy, maize and rice value chains. The farmers, who are all located in the northern region of Ghana and are 27% women, will use the financing as working capital to purchase inputs.


outgrower farmers in the Accra Plains and the SADA Zone in a bid to improve their living standards. The Project helps the farmers to access land through a nucleus-outgrower scheme and provides access roads to farms as well as, and irrigation facilities for dry season farming. It also constructs warehouses to store farm produce and gives training in best agronomic practices including record-keeping and food processing.


In August 2014, the Government of Ghana and the World Bank, following the third Implementation Support Mission’s (ISM) recommendations, agreed to restructure GCAP by introducing a number of key changes to it. The aim is to get the Project back on track. In this regard, the Project Development Objective (PDO) was revised and three of the original four project components adjusted to achieve the revised PDO. Three new components have been added making a total of seven restructured project components.