Project Development Objective

For the purposes of this project commercial agriculture is defined as economic activities anywhere along the agricultural value chain that have a market orientation. It does not necessarily imply large scale, mechanized production technologies although such enterprises would qualify. Small holder, family farms can be commercial if they interact sufficiently with the market (for inputs and especially outputs). Agri-business and agro-processing – large- and small-scale – is also included. It would not include extremely poor marginalized households dependent on subsistence farming under extremely fragile and disadvantaged circumstances.

The opportunities created by this project, for instance participation in out-grower schemes, are unlikely to be accessible because of severe capacity and behavioral constraints. Other interventions such as IDA-funded Social Opportunities Project are more appropriate interventions to address this population. In addition, USAID’s Feed the Future Program Resiliency in Northern Ghana Project (RING), provide assistance to marginal, stressed, and vulnerable households who are not immediately able to participate in GCAP.

GCAP’s Project Development Objective (PDO) is: to improve agricultural productivity and production of both smallholder and nucleus farms in selected project intervention areas with increased access to reliable water, land, finance, and agricultural input and output markets

The key outcome indicators are as follows:

  • Yield per hectare (mt/ha) of major crops on both nucleus farms and the associated out-grower schemes benefiting from project support. This will be disaggregated by crop, especially, for rice, soya and maize, and for Accra Plains and SADA zone;
  • Gross margins per hectare (ghs/ha) of selected crops. This will be disaggregated by crops and by SADA Zone and Accra Plains;
  • Increase in area (ha) under formal commercial arrangements such as out-grower schemes and contract farming. This will disaggregated between land under nucleus farms and land under out-grower cultivation, and will be disaggregated by Accra Plains and SADA Zone;
  • Direct project beneficiaries;
  • Female project beneficiaries; and
  • Area provided with improved irrigation and drainage services disaggregated by new and existing